You Deserve Better That This (I Didn’t Tri Hard Enough)

by Logan
2010 Felt B14 54cm Carbon Fiber TT/Triathlon Bike + Profile Design T2 Wing Aero

Smooth, stylish, reliable, and, of course, great in the saddle. If there’s anything I want people to know about you, it’s this.

And while I have been avoiding this for years, I can’t hold you back any longer. You deserve better. You deserve someone who’s able to give you more of what you were made for.

triathlon bike for sale

We’ve had a great ride, though. Many, many rides. You carried me through some of my toughest trials, and I’m grateful for every mile we shared together.

You came into my life when I didn’t know who I was, and you helped me find and Hold the Line true.

We first met online. After a fierce battle, fending off eager men from all over the continent, my will and determination won the opportunity to lay my hands on you.

From the Pacific Northwest, you traveled day and night to reach me.  And when you showed up at my door with your box on display, I couldn’t wait to bring you inside and see what you were really made of…

We had a lot of fun together, you and I. We could go for hours and hours, and when I was finally done, I’d be dripping sweat and panting heavily–I will miss the way you move and the bliss I felt with you.

We saw the country together. We crossed mountains where we couldn’t see the top. We pushed on through deserts where we there was nothing for as far as the eye could see.

Yet, you never once complained when we stopped in at those shady gas stations or stayed in those budget motels, even though everyone would look at you like your special parts were showing. But I can’t blame them too much, after all, you are certainly something to look at…

When we finally got to the coast and found a new place to call home, things just weren’t the same. I wasn’t the same. I got so caught up in the day-to-day rigmarole that I failed to be the person you deserve.

I started spending less and less time with you. I became distant. While I truly had no intention to do so, I’ve kept you hidden from the world, fearful this new place we live in.

But you deserve better than that. I’ve held onto you for too long, when you could have been enjoying the company of another.

You’ve been nothing but supportive of me. The least I can do is give you the freedom to find someone else who can/will give you the attention you deserve.

I know you will make some very happy and proud. Farewell.

– L

P.S. Her name is Katya, and she prefers men 5’8” to 5’11” with strong legs and a big heart. If you’d like to make your own memories with her, head over to her eBay listing. 2010 Felt B14 54cm Carbon Fiber TT/Triathlon Bike + Profile Design T2 Wing Aero to get her full specs.

P.P.S. As long as this is here, the bike is still available for purchase. US only.


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