How Our Blog Has Changed

by Darcie
Darcie and Logan Bali Temple | The Realationship Project

You may have noticed that we’ve been much less active on the blog in recent months. There have been many factors contributing to this, and I’m finally ready to share them.

As you may know if you’ve read our story, I am a psychotherapist. Due to the nature of this profession, I want to be mindful of what I share about my personal life. While there are and will always be varying perspectives on self-disclosure as a therapist, I’ve been struggling with how much I feel comfortable and feel is appropriate to share about my life with the world – and thus potentially my current clients who may find me here.

As a result of this reflection, Logan and I have decided to no longer share our letters to each other on the blog. This was a very difficult decision for me as I am an open person who enjoys sharing my story, experiences, and personal growth with others. I truly believe that connection with others is what makes our lives so meaningful, and if I can help someone else by what’s on my mind, I’m all for it. Yet, the nature of my work does call for mindful boundaries.

Now…about Logan’s role on our website. Logan still works in web design, but in addition to running his own business, he is now working for a company in the financial services industry. He has much less free time now, and when he does, he is giving his energy to other hobbies and interests.

When we started this blog, Logan agreed to be part of it because he wanted to support me in pursuit of a creative endeavor that I was passionate about. I encouraged him to join me as I believe that the world would benefit from hearing his thoughts, insights, and perspectives. And I still believe that. However, I have to respect that his time is his own, and there are only so many hours in the day.

Despite these changes, the name of the blog will remain the same, and we’re not changing “our story” at this time because neither of us knows what the future holds and we want to keep the option open for Logan to jump on whenever he’d like.

So, the moral of the story is this…This space is a much-needed and very special creative outlet for me. I love sharing on all of the categories here – relationships, wellness, travel, food. These are all passions of mine, and in these past few months, I’ve felt the pull to return and share again. So here I am…back to share more, just with a bit less personal details.

That’s not to say that I won’t post anything personal…I do still plan to post about our wedding in Bali because I want to document on it here and, for anyone who has followed along, I don’t want to leave you hanging! So that post is coming very soon!

To anyone who is reading this, whether you stumbled upon this post or you’ve following our blog for a while, THANK YOU. Logan and I are truly grateful to have connect with you through our little blog. If you’re willing, we’d love for you to shoot us an email to say hi and maybe even share your story with us.


Darcie & Logan Brown

Photo by Suta Rahady {in Bali}




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