Letter to Logan – March 2019

by Darcie
logan and darcie torrey pines


This year really seems to be building momentum, both for us as a couple and individually. So many things happened this month…and mostly good!

I went to Bali with my mom to work on plans for our wedding. We got a lot done, had some quality mother-daughter bonding time, and only crashed the scooter once. 🙂

You pursued new business opportunities. I love seeing you excited about work projects and continuing to further define your career path. I know you find so much meaning and purpose in your work, and it makes me so happy to see you enjoy what you are doing each day. That’s truly a privilege.

We finally took our engagement photos after quite a bit of frustration and disappointment with scheduling them. And from what we’ve seen so far, our pictures turned out beautifully thanks to our talented photographer.

You, with a little help from me, redesigned our website, and I love it so much. I think it really reflects who we are, and I’m proud of the content we’re putting out.

We started pre-marital counseling. Because of our shared openness to explore the strengths and areas of improvement in our relationship, I believe we will be starting our marriage on the strongest possible foundation.

I’m close to officially joining a private practice. I feel a little anxious about it, but I think that’s natural with any change. I’m excited too, and think this is a step forward in my career.

We continue to do our best to balance work with down time. We’ve made walks on the weekend a priority and those have been some of my favorite moments. We both feel happier in the sunshine, and we both believe in positive effect of exercise on our mental health.

I continue to feel inspired to create for our blog. No one may read this post (other than you), and that’s totally fine. You keep me grounded in the reasons why I share – because I believe in the power of creativity and having this blog has given me the space to share my creativity with others.

Still, our lives aren’t perfect. One of my biggest struggles is trying not to want to speed up time. The two areas that I most want to hurry up and get here already are becoming a licensed therapist and moving in together.

You know I want to have my own business – it’s a dream of mine, and I need to be licensed before I can do that. I know right now I’m building the skills to be able to effectively serve my future clients, but I struggle sometimes with patience.

I’m also eagerly anticipating moving in together. While I’m sure there will be an adjustment period, I actually think it will bring us even closer together. It will feel like we are more of a unit, and I can’t wait to come home to you each night.

While it sometimes feels like life can’t move fast enough, other times I can’t believe how quickly time passes. It seems like just yesterday we were looking at rings, then wondering if we would ever get my ring, and then we were engaged and now we are five months away from legally being husband and wife (and six and a half away from our actual wedding in Bali).

Perspective is everything, and I’m working every day to be as present as possible, to enjoy each moment we have together, and to be grateful for the MANY blessings we have.

I can’t let this letter end without mentioning that we also celebrated your 30th birthday this month. Last year you threw out going to Hong Kong to celebrate your 30th in a big way, but since we’ll be going there for our honeymoon later this year, we “settled” for seeing Broods in concert on Friday and trying a new spot for dinner on Saturday. Hopefully the moments we shared together will fill you with happy memories for years to come.

Another month together, my love. I’m excited for the ones to come.



Featured image by Bria Peterson


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