Letter to Darcie – April 2019

by Logan

Hey boo!

Zzzzzipp!!!….. That’s what this month felt like!

Life is going by so fast. It’s hard to believe we’re already past the year-and-a-half mark, and less than six months from giving you my last name 😀

Last month I started the redesign for Royal Spa, and so this month has been mostly business for me.

For you as well, with starting your new role at Coherence and all. But in addition, you also had the chance to spend some time with friends in Napa Valley.

While being with me means we don’t go wine tasting or out for cocktails at happy hour, I’m happy you make time to still enjoy those activities with your friends. I always want you to feel like you don’t have to change who you are simply because I chose to do some things a certain way.

This was a month that kept giving. The gift cards my parents gave me for my birthday that they intended had intended us to use at two restaurants that we were able to stretch comfortable over four dinners at places we love and have always wanted to try.

And even though my parents weren’t here to celebrate with us in person, your parents were. I love your folks, and I love that we all make a point of getting together. Plus, I certainly won’t object if that means going out for awesome seafood!

If stepping into 30 with a full belly wasn’t enough, this month we finished up pre-marital counseling. Besides the traffic at Garnet Ave, I don’t have anything negative to say about that experience. It was very insightful, actually.

For once, I’m actually excited about goals. I’ve always thought I had to “dream big” and “aim high,” but I get overwhelmed easily, and so that method doesn’t do me much good. Apparently Pastor Jim recognized that and suggested aiming smaller. And while that’s not revolutionary or anything I haven’t thought about, the combination of getting permission to do so as well as sharing it with you (and maybe a little work from the Holy Spirit) has given me a different perspective — it’s not about perfection, it’s about purpose.

To cap the month off, we sent out wedding invites and went to made it back for our annual Allen Family Easter party. Although I’m only related through extended family ties, it means the world to me that they’ve adopted me, you and your folks into the family as well. I know it means a lot to you too 🙂

I’m excited for what our future together, and there won’t be too many more of these letters before I call you my bride!




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