Letter to Darcie – August 2019

by Logan


Today is the day we wed. Everything in my life so far has been preparing and leading me to this one day, and I’m so honored to be marrying you.

From the start of our relationship, we’ve done things different than the norm.

We didn’t find each other from across the bar. We didn’t meet through friends or at work.

We didn’t slide into a relationship, like we and so many others have done in the past.

You didn’t want a diamond ring, and we didn’t get engaged on a Hawaiian vacation—though the latter was the goal. We didn’t even wait until we were engaged to start planning the wedding.

And we aren’t having a normal wedding for that wedding. Today we’re heading to a little chapel with just four people- all from your side of the family mind you- the pastor and our photographer as witnesses.

Although this is the day we sign our marriage license, it’s only a warm up. Less than six weeks from now we’re hoping on a 20-hr flight to Bali with 30 family members and friends where we’re having our “real” ceremony. It all feels so surreal.

But because today is so low key, it feels a little anticlimactic. I mean, I’m pretty sure your friend who got married at the courthouse last month had more witnesses than we have today. And we still have to wait 5 weeks before we have our big event.

And if you were to ask me if I would do it any differently, I would tell you no. Even though my family is not going to see wedding pt 1, they are rendezvousing with us 15,000 miles across the largest ocean on the planet to an unfamiliar land with a vastly different culture. For us to be able to share that together in a little over a month is totally worth this slightly odd, but joyous, day.

August was an interesting month. 

  • I made a decision about my career, and your work at Coherence seems to have been very rewarding for you.
  • You had a harrowing experience crossing the border after spending a couple nights in Mexico for your bachelorette party, and two weekends later you had a friend’s bachelorette party to attend.
  • I did my third longest bike ride, 56-miles
  • There’s been confusion with clinical hours and your hours have been temporarily scaled back at your other job, and my work with a client pivoted away from design into email marketing.
  • We met with your dad to discuss finances.
  • We found out our awesome photographer will be 30ish weeks pregnant when we’re in Bali and we had to consider to finding a backup in case she’s not able to make it.
  • We finalized our wedding outfits- you with alterations to your dress, and me with shirt, tie, and shoes.
  • I came to the end of my lease and officially moved into your, now our house.

Considering September is going be a sort of wedding limbo—celebrating in October, but technically we’ll be married, but we only invited people to the Bali wedding in October— I sense October can’t come soon enough.

Ultimately I think we’re going to look back and say it was all worth it. Instead of doing it all at once, we’re extending it into the fall. Plus, I have another four weeks to get that hard wedding body 😉

I can’t express how excited, grateful, and proud to be your husband and you my wife.




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