Letter to Darcie – December 2018

by Logan
Waterfall Helicopter tour


Despite its ups and downs, I had the most incredible month with you.

It’s hard to express just how significant this month was because we experienced so much.

And we got engaged! With all the commotion with the engagement ring, I seriously doubted if it would happen by the end of this month.

But Brenna’s people ultimately came through, and the ring is beautiful. Like everyone has said, we’ll look back on the experience with many stories to tell.

And through the disappointment, anxiety, and, truth be told, anger, we grew even closer together, and I’m so grateful for that.

We were there for each other to talk it through. We’ve said it since the beginning, empathy and validation are such key components in our relationship and why we work so well together.

The first half of the month was tiresome. But the second half was filled with joy and amazing memories.

We traveled to Hawaii with your parents. They rented a condo for us all stay, and put a lot of miles on the rental car!

  • You took me to my first volcano.
  • We held hands (and tails) with seahorses.
  • Your dad and I bonded over the lack of bites in the deep sea, and your mom fed the fishes 🤢 while she and I floated with mantas.
  • We shared a luau together in smelly company, and chatted with 10-yr olds in a helicopter 🚁
  • We made breakfast almost every morning, and your dad made me sweat bullets as he wiped the tennis court with me.

After being on the go for 4 or 5 days, you helped me realize I needed to take a break and recharge.

The next day we got to spend some time to ourselves as we were soaking up the Hawaiian sun, you getting to do what you love in reading, and me exploring the tranquility in nature snorkeling in the waters off the Keauhou Beach Park.

You might say I fell in love with Kona, and you might be right.

In many ways, I can see us spending a more extended period of time there whether it’s just in small increments or possibly long-term.

Of our many commonalities is that we both crave new experiences in different places with different people. I believe if we were to live in Hawai’i, that would certainly be the case, and be a springboard into that, though it would be at least a couple years out.

Regardless of where we live, I’m overjoyed to spend my life with you. We create so much joy and happiness together, inspire each other, and are stronger through the difficult times because of each other.

I may have not won the Powerball, but I am the luckiest guy on earth to have been chosen to be your forever man.




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