Letter to Darcie – February 2019

by Logan
target practice at p2k sports

My Dearest Darcie,

I used to think February was the worst month of the year. February meant battle with sub-freezing temperatures, colds and flus, and/or heavy doses of self-doubt.

They say the night is darkest just before the dawn. That’s what February used to be to me, even after I moved to San Diego.

hot blond shooting gunsBut not in 2019–February was pretty damn good. Both of our careers took a heavy step forward, we dealt with complications that arose over the month with grace, and I discovered you’re a know your way around a pistol, and a rifle! And you looked incredible doing it!

dog sitting in front of mountainThe El Niño winter has kept up indoors most of the year so far, but we finally made it out for a hike. And because it’s still cool out, I was able to let Piper explore off the leash without worrying about snakes.

Although my car continued to take a beating, losing part of my rear bumper to a massive puddle and the spontaneous sunroof explosion on my Kia, the hike to the waterhole at Horsethief Canyon was worth it.

young couple at California waterholeI forgot how much I enjoy our hikes together. Exercise and sunshine play such an important role in our mood, and being out in nature has a way of bringing life back to appreciating the present.

While we don’t get to close out 02-19 together, you being on the other side of the globe meeting with our wedding planner right now, it doesn’t feel like you are so far away. Big shout out to WhatsApp for making that possible.

Oddly enough, I’m closed out this month similar to last month–golf with your dad. Since our girls are out of town, we saw it fit for some guy time.

It’s funny–on the course it takes us an hour and a half to finish talking about one topic. Most of the time we are hunting down ill-positioned balls after less than ideal shots. But we have a great time.

I could tell your dad was a little distracted, and he openly shared what was on his mind. I appreciate that he feels comfortable sharing personal things with me, a trait we have in common.

I’d like to have that kind of relationship with your mom, as well, though I’ll have to think more about how to make that happen, logistically speaking. With spring and summer coming up though, we’re sure to spend several weekends with your folks. After all, how else is your car going to get washed ;D

If every February was like this, I would be okay with that. It wasn’t nearly the rollercoaster January was, and it was good way close out my 20s. Only 30 days left! And in 29 days we’re seeing Broods!



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