Letter to Darcie – January 2019

by Logan
mom and daughter-in-law walking on shoreline


Father-in-law and Best ManJanuary started on a high note (newly engaged and had just spent two weeks in Hawaii) and it ended on a high note (my best man to-be, your dad, and I played golf together, and then you and I took Josh to our favorite sushi spot).

In the middle of the month, my mom flew in and you and the girls wedding dress shopping. I know this meant the world to her, and it makes me so happy to know that you two are developing a relationship.

But the in between weeks were a little challenging. We continue to learn about each other, how we are alike and how we are different. You’re definitely the more structured of us two, and I imagine it is frustrating at times when I’m not on the same level. I appreciate, though, that you are not afraid to lead by example.

As a man, I often feel the pressure to have a grand plan, to have it all figured out, and feel shameful for not.

I can be quick to doubt myself and get in a headspace of not feeling worthy of love or being truly happy. But you help to remind me that it’s okay and perfectly normal to have doubts. You remind me that the only thing we can do is take care of our own side of the equation and put ourselves in the best position to succeed.

I love you, and I also admire you. You are so wise, thoughtful, and compassionate. You know no other way than taking action. You’re able to push past the things that trouble you quickly and you choose not to let them linger.

And it’s also incredibly hot 😉

January for me is usually comes with mixed feelings. Like most people, I typically start out the month excited about a new year, but then life slaps me shortly after somehow. For me this month was a little like that, but mostly I feel like this month pushed me (and us) to continue to grow.

If you had not suggested we write our high-level goals and brainstorm what may need to happen for us to achieve them, I don’t think we would look back as fondly on this past month. Thank you for being such a driving force right now. No doubt we will take turns in the driver seat throughout our life together, and to me that sounds very healthy.

So all-in-all, I feel good about January. And for the first time in a long time, I feel good about February.

We’ll see what February has in store for us, and normally it’s a depressing/down month for me – the combination of lack of momentum and seasonal affective disorder is a bitch. But rounding out January on a high note, I feel good about where we are headed this next month and this year.

And Just 9 more months until we’re hitched, and you get to lay like this with Piper all the time!

beautiful woman snuggling with dog




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