Letter to Darcie – July 2019

by Logan


My love, my bride-to-be. You are such an incredible person, and I’m a better person for knowing you. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Apart from the wedding this October, a good amount of my thoughts since February were about our trip to my hometown over the 4th of July weekend.

Ryan and Keegan playing MarioKart

Ryan and Keegan playing MarioKart

A joining of two families

A joining of two families

You’ve already met my parents, cousins and grandma, but this would be the first time you’d be meeting my sister, her kids, and her husband… plus around 30 other members of my extended family, and several family friends. We stayed at my sister’s house and got to spend a lot of time with Keegan and Coral. You even taught Keegan how to do T25! That was so fun to watch.

But it was also really nice that your parents, your aunt and cousin Ryan were able to travel in from Wisconsin too. It was the first time I met your cousin Ryan, but it already feels like we’re forming a friendship.

There was a lot of build up to this event. In large part, having little kids, international travel isn’t something my family does very well. However, they’ve always been willing to drive whenever there is a big event in someone’s life, like an upcoming wedding. And since I’m the last of 11 grandchildren on my mom’s side of the family to get married or have kids, this was just as much for us as it was my mom and grandmother. You were a big hit, and it was very clear that you fit in just fine with my family.

My parents put a lot of planning in place for this event, and it turned out wonderfully. The weather was great all week/end – not too hot and just a tiny bit of rain (though I could’ve gone for a thunderstorm). They had an awesome spread, yard games, and a bounce house for the kids…

But apart from this past Christmas, I haven’t taken that many days away from work in years, and I got a little anxious thinking about what I would need to get back into a routine, especially since we’d be getting back late Monday night. Admittedly, that week was a little hard for me to find my groove. I think I learned that I need to give myself a buffer of a couple days to get back up to speed. 

It’s was before long we were taking another weekend away for your friend’s wedding/party in Mexico, but before that we had back-to-back photo shoots with local photographers. Those were fun experiences, and we got some great pics out of them.

I’ve been trying to wrap up a project for a client, and it felt like I would be losing ground just as I was starting to gain it back. Additionally, I was tasked with creating a print magazine ad and email campaigns with Royal Spa that tested my design skills.

La Mansion Residencia

La Mansion Residencia is bomb!

But we’d talked about going to Mexico together for a long time, and we were also witnessing a very important event in the life of a girl you’ve known since law school, I knew it was necessary. Ultimately, we had a really great time together, and got to meet a lot of new people. La Mansión was pretty incredible too.

The new office

The new office

We turned the second bedroom into an office, bought a plant, and I started moving items over from my apartment to your (our) house.It wasn’t until I moved my bike, golf club, and tools into the shed that it hit me–it’s finally starting to feel like we are really doing this life thing together.

A lot happened in July, and a lot is happening in August, most noticeable part one of our wedding and moving in together. We have an appointment to get our marriage license and will be merging our finances soon. You have your bachelorette weekend in Mexican wine country, and I have an aquabike race (my first of the kind, which I haven’t trained for at all, per usual).

Up until now the year has gone by both fast and slow. Fast in that it’s already been more than half a year since we’ve been engaged, but slow it that our wedding in Bali still seems a ways away. Thankfully, neither of us have suffered much stress regarding the planning of the wedding itself – just one reason why it’s been great having a local Bali wedding planner. I’m sure it’ll all start to sink in in the next couple weeks as we get closer to saying “I do,” but I’m so excited to be taking this journey with my best friend.





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