Letter to Darcie – June 2018

by Logan


If you’d have told me a year ago that today I’d have found the woman of my dreams, and be looking at engagement rings ? and ideas for a destination wedding, I might’ve said it wasn’t all that far fetched of an idea…

And if you told me that together, we’d have already started a blog focusing on how people communicate with each other, I probably would have said you are crazy.

Maybe it’s because you studied how to structure winning arguments for 3 years, or maybe it’s the 2 years of talking about people’s feelings and drawing with crayons ✏, or maybe it was the 3 months of Indonesian self-discovery (although I know you hate this term)… or maybe, just maybe, you’ve been insightful all along.

I’d bet on the latter.

…And unlike my experience with Indian Reserve BlackJack, that’s a gamble with odds I’d take every day of the week.

Darcie, my heart, my beautiful future, my boo, I am so so sooo happy that of sea of Bumble matches I’m sure you had, you decided to write me.

And although you may still question that 5’9″ stat, knowing you has been the greatest experience of my existence.

These last 8-plus months have been incredible, though not without trials.

Even though you were on opposite sides of the world at the time, you were here for me when my grandfather passed, and enabled me to be there emotionally for my mother – not even a month after we made our intentions official.

You’ve been here for every step as I figure out my entrepreneurial journey, and have helped me home in on a future we are creating together.

Darcie, there’s nothing I can do that would repay the impact you’ve had on me.

While they say you can’t change someone, you make me want to become the best man I can possibly be.

I avoid using the word at all costs, but you inspire me every single day.

At the time of writing this, my grandmother is back in the hospital, the third time in a month, and while all we can ask is that she keeps her strength and will to live, only God knows how everything will play out…and I’m okay with that.

No matter how difficult or uncertain life becomes, having you beside me gives me a strength that can’t be measured in pounds. You’ve been a shining light, and I am so excited to see the beauty life has in store for us.




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