Letter to Darcie – June 2019

by Logan


It’s officially summer! Light the barbecue and get out the suntan lotion – this is what we’ve been waiting for!

This is my fourth summer as a San Diegan, but I’m still not used to June Gloom. There’s just something about waking up to gray skies that casts a shadow over my day. At first I only thought it had an impact, now I have conclusive evidence. Thankfully, July promises to bring tons of rays and warmth. Enough about the weather…

For the most part, June was a pretty low-key month.  At the start of the month, your friend had her bachelorette/birthday party at a local casino resort. A couple days before you got in a few new swimsuits, and I love when you model for me ;). You were worried the weather might not cooperate, but it turned out to be a lovely day, and it sounded like everyone had a good time.

The following weekend was your birthday. I’ve learned that, unlike my current preference toward a semi-unplanned day, you’d rather know in advance. Haha You made sure I know this going forward.

But it wasn’t a total screw up – we actually had a really nice weekend for your birthday. I took the hint and made a reservation at La Muzita (which you had brought up recently). It was the first time we’d been there since we first started dating over a year ago, but Abel still recognized us, and gave you a special gift for your special day. He also seemed pleased about our engagement and I’m looking forward to trying out his new location opening this fall. Super cool that he told us to come on opening night! Probably should add it to my Google calendar…

The next day, I surprised you with a paddle boat ride (or is it pedal?) out on Lake Murray. It was a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot. I’ve been wanting to go out onto Lake Murray for a while and I’m glad you gave me an excuse. And considering how unexpectedly difficult it was to power that boat, I’m glad I hadn’t tried to go alone! Lake Murray and the entire Mission Trails region is such a nice addition to the La Mesa area, and I’d like us to still head out that way after we move in together in September.

The following day was Father’s Day, and your parents were not in town, so you made plans to meet up with them the following weekend while my groomsmen were in town for my bachelors weekend.

The guys rented an airbnb in Ocean Beach where we crashed for a couple nights. The first day we went across the border into Tijuana and took a taxi to the infamous waterpark El Vergel. I’d heard about the giant slip-n-slide and even though the park is pretty small, we had a ton of fun… this place would never be allowed in the states that’s for sure.

I’ve never felt fearful about going down a waterslide until this place, though I did try them all. The guys were trying to get me to attempt somersaults, and after seeing a younger guy face plant from 20 feet and lose consciousness for a few minutes, I was content not to test fate.

At your suggestion, later that night, the four of us met up with you at Coasterra. Although the food was good, what I had wasn’t anything extraordinary, but the view we had of the San Diego skyline was incredible. Plus, I was able to get us the best seats in the house sitting next to the fire. That was the first time you met Andy and Matt, and I’m happy we made it work.

The following morning the guys and I piled into my car for a 10AM tee time at the Coronado golf course. I suspected we may have some cloud coverage, being right on the water, but it was an absolutely beautiful day. Classic San Diego weather. Although I shot somewhere around 30 over par, I did a pretty decent job and has happy overall with how the round went. 

It took us around 4.5 hours to play and we certainly worked up our appetites for Fogo de Chao later that evening. I mean, what’s better than an all you can eat steakhouse?! While the food was great, I did learn that you have to be mindful of what they are serving. I found they loved to push the cheap meats (chicken, sausage, pork), and we had to specifically ask for the finer meats (fillets, ribeye, lamb, etc.).

I was so stuffed afterwards that when we go back to the airbnb I got into comfy clothes and laid out flat on the lawn – total food coma. The next day the guys headed back home. I was happy to have the experience, but also happy it was over. I was working on a couple projects in their later stages of production and I’m not yet great at planning for days multiple days off in a row. That’s something I’m going to need to get comfortable real fast though, as we have three weeks of travel coming up soon! I also sold my bike on eBay too!

To end the month, you and I finally got to spend a weekend together. You surprised me with a Hawaiian fusion restaurant, where we discussed the itinerary for our upcoming stay in Hong Kong and played shuffleboard. That Saturday we spent the afternoon at Mission Beach…after spending 40 mins trying to find a parking space. 

And the next day, Sunday, we attended C3 church on Balboa Ave. Though I kind of liked the sermon, the congregation was, in a word, distracting. Something about 30-something women taking photos for Instagram and audibly saying “love it!” and “that’s right!” for practically the entire message was comical and disheartening all the same. I felt like was at an MLM conference. I don’t suppose we’ll be going back there anytime soon.

June is a long month, but this year it went by fast. Everything goes by fast these days. Now we’re getting ready to head to Chicago for the Independence Day week/end and you’ll be meeting my sister (and her family), along with 40 other people you haven’t yet met. Don’t worry, they are all nice people and will love you, and I think you’ll like them too (most at least :D).

Just a few more months until we’re married and living together! Ahh! So exciting.




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