Letter to Darcie – March 2019

by Logan
Logan turned 30


It’s crazy to think we’re already 25% through the year.

We’ve taken so many strides toward our future together and the universe has been throwing some light on us lately. I’ve always been fond of the month of March, and this month did not disappoint. I’m so entirely grateful for all of it.

You know how important fresh air and sun are to my emotional well-being. I sometimes find myself thinking about how much I enjoy our walks together. Whether they’re just around the neighborhood, on a trail, or down at the beach, I always feel better. Not only do we get some light exercise in with Piper, these are times for us to talk about anything that’s on our minds or hearts right then. I hope we continue these as long as we are able.

But more than just getting steps in over the weekend, we’d been looking forward to March for several other reasons.

To start the month, you and your mom travelled to Bali to meet with our wedding planner, make some design decisions, and get a sneak peek at the villa where we’re holding the ceremony and festivities. Even undergoing renovations at the time of viewing, the venue looks incredible, and I already wish we had more time there.

Not long after, we met our photographer and had our engagement photoshoot taken. Third times a charm, right? Or was it four? It all blurred together.

It’s my first time working with a professional photographer and it certainly felt a little awkward. But other times I got swept in the moment and narrowly forgot we had a camera on us. It made for some steamy shots ;). I’m happy to share this experience and capture these memories with you. The sneak peeks were better than I hoped for, and can’t wait to put them up in the new pictures frames Les & Linda got us.

This month we started back with live music as well. We’ve been together a year and a half and this was our first night out in downtown San Diego. You’ve heard me mention Above & Beyond and Anjunadeep for as long we’ve been together.  When I saw one of their label artist’s Spencer Brown was playing nearby and that the tickets were very reasonable, I was excited to go with you.

I wasn’t sure you’d like it, but you said yes right away nonetheless. Earlier in the day we spent the afternoon with a friend-couple that we hadn’t ever had the opportunity to hang with just them; it’s also been with a larger group. We got to bring Piper with, and we all had a really good time eating lettuce-wrapped burgers and just catching up, laughing and telling stories. I like that you have good friends and that they are my friends now too 🙂

But the best part of the month came at the end. Weeks before the night out at Bang Bang, we got tickets to see a group we’d only recently started listening too. I brought Broods to your attention back in January and both of us have been hooked on their music ever since.

Seeing them live at The Observatory was so much fun. Even though the lead singer was clearly ill, she and the guys put on a great show and we’re already talking about seeing them again in the future.

It seems like opening acts are either just so-so, or you’re like “these guys are going places.” The warm up for Broods was like the latter. Neither of us had heard of UK-band Bad Sounds before that night, and they said this was their first gig in the U.S. I mean, when it comes to liking stuff from the UK, my threshold is pretty low, but they were really fun! And what would you know, all that Instagramming paid off and your video of them got reposted on the band’s Instastory. That was kinda cool.

And let’s not forget that we started premarital counseling this month. Going into the first session we didn’t know what to expect, and that caused both of us just the slightest bit of anxiety. But Pastor Jim was super cool (which seems odd to say about a man who wears a white gown in front of people in public).

In that first session he gave us some encouraging remarks, and also gave us some homework before our next session. He said our homework was to tell each other things we would like the other to do more of. In addition, if we are on the listening end, we are to say back what we heard, validating that something without passing judgement or providing evidence to the contrary. Fortunately, we already have a bit of experience with this, so this exercise is pretty enjoyable.

Pastor Jim suggested our second session on March 30th, which happens to be my birthday. I surprised both of you when I said that I was cool with it. Sure, part of it maybe was to impress the both of you, but if the first session hadn’t gone so well, I probably wouldn’t have agreed.

That weekend was great in so many respects. We tried a dim sum restaurant we’d never been before and it was very good. The next morning your cousin, Hilarie, watched Piper while you and I spent the afternoon at the beach (where we had our first date). As expected, Hilarie had a great time with Piper, and Piper was exhausted from the run Hilarie took her on.

So much about March was great, but there’s still some lingering uncertainty with your situation at work, I’m always concerned in one way or another about work, and we’ve had to reschedule make-up photos, which we may or may not end up doing – who knows).

But overall, March was awesome, and I’m looking forward to what April holds.


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