Letter to Logan – August 2019

by Darcie
Darcie and Logan at La Jolla Beach


It’s official – we are MARRIED! Yesterday, we said “I will” in front of my parents, cousin, and aunt. It was a joyous but somewhat odd day. All along, we’ve planned to get married in Bali but decided to do this legal ceremony in San Diego to avoid the hassle of having an international wedding recognized in the US.

Friday night, the night before the wedding, felt like any other Friday night. And yesterday felt pretty normal too – we had coffee, took a walk, worked out, a typical Saturday. Even the ceremony felt a bit surreal, like it was actually the rehearsal not the wedding. A friend of ours called this our pre-wedding wedding, and that feels accurate.

This morning, I don’t really feel any different, either. I’m thinking it’s like when we got engaged and it felt a bit surreal saying that you were my fiancé. I’m thinking I just need a little practice calling you my husband, and the exciting reality will start to settle in.

Maybe that won’t happen until after Bali, though. That’s when we’ll say our personal vows in front of a larger group of our immediate family and closest friends. I absolutely can’t wait for that day. What an adventure that week with our favorite people will be!

Until then, we are navigating lots of changes – from work changes for both of us to your moving into my house to now make it OUR house. Change is inevitable in life, and I couldn’t be more excited to go through these changes with you.


Your wife

Photo by Sarah Zimmerman


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