Our Bali Wedding Part I

by Darcie
Darcie and Logan, wedding in Bali | The Realationship Project

This post has been a long time coming, and I’m SO excited to share.

Where to even begin…

There’s so much that I want to say about our wedding in Bali. Even months later, it still feels like a dream.

Our wedding was everything I could have asked for and more. That doesn’t mean that nothing went wrong, because, believe me, it did in a major way just days before the wedding. More on that below….

But, in the end, it turned out beautifully. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for our wedding highlights video and our list of vendors.

If you’re new to us and don’t know why we decided to get married in Bali, I wrote about that here.

Also, we got married legally in San Diego a month before leaving for Bali and I recapped that special day here.

Finally, I shared tips on planning a destination wedding. You can find that post here.

And coming soon – what we’d do differently if we were to do it all over again!

white and green welcome sign | The Realationship ProjectMost of our guests stayed at the wedding villa, but we had eight guests who didn’t, so I really wanted a welcome sign. I love the simplistic elegance of how it turned out.

white wedding table decor | The Realationship ProjectI was in love with the table decor. It was truly in line with our vision of a white and green wedding. Bali is so lush and green, and we wanted the jungle ambiance to be the focal point. Everything was white, with touches of greenery from plants, and then gold hardware.

We also didn’t number the tables, instead using the names “Bali” and “Hong Kong.” We didn’t want there to be any comparison between guests based on seating. Everyone who was there was important to us, and we wanted everyone to feel equally special.

white wedding table decor | The Realationship ProjectOur guests found their seats by finding their name on an engraved gold coin on a wine glass. This was also our wedding favor because we didn’t want our guests to have to make space for a large item in their suitcases.white and gold tableware | The Realationship ProjectEucalyptus was the only flower I really cared about having in my bouquet. So, when we were deciding on how to decorate the plates, a eucalyptus sprig was an easy choice.

white wedding tables | The Realationship ProjectWe had a total of twenty-seven people at our wedding, so we only needed two tables. It was intimate, and exactly what Logan and I wanted. We are quality over quantity people, and because of the smaller size, we spent time with everyone, not only on the actual wedding day, but over the course of the week we all spent together in Bali.

bridesmaids | The Realationship ProjectMy cousin is on the far left of the photo. We are super close; she’s like a sister to me. She was my maid of honor. My mom is on the other side of me; she was my matron of honor. Logan’s sister is on the far right. I’d only met her once before the wedding, but we got along so well right from the start, and I’m excited to have another sister.

It’s especially meaningful for me to connect with Logan’s sister because my own sister was not at my wedding. She’s been estranged from my family for several years now, and it was really difficult not to have her at my wedding.

bridesmaids | The Realationship ProjectPersonally, I’m not into the monogrammed “bride” and “bridesmaid” robe look for getting ready. Nothing wrong with it; it’s just not my style.

Instead, I wanted my bridesmaids to wear something that they not only would be comfortable in and would flatter their body type. Each lady chose their own outfit. The only thing I asked was that they wear all white.

I wore this off-the-shoulder romper which was so comfortable to get ready in and slid off easily so I didn’t risk messing up my hair or make-up.

Bridal make-up | The Realationship ProjectMy mom and I went to Bali last February and I did a hair and make-up trial. I felt really happy with how they both turned out. But I have to say – my wedding day hair and make-up were next level. It was the same woman who did both hair and make-up – what incredible talent to be able to do both! And she outdid herself on the actual wedding day. I was so in love with my look, which is how I think every bride wants to feel on her wedding day.Rue de Seine wedding dress | The Realationship ProjectMy wedding dress was ideal for the setting in Bali. From the open back to the boho sleeves to the train, it was completely my style and just the vibe I was going for. Rue de Seine hit it out of the park with this dress. I’d been eyeing this designer for a while, and when I went dress shopping, I tried on pretty much every dress by Rue. They are all so gorgeous.

Rue de Seine bride | The Realationship ProjectUltimately, I was debating between the dress I chose, Sia, and Nahla by the same designer. Since I asked all of the wedding guests to wear white, I considered Nahla so that I would stand out a bit.

Rue de Seine Bride | The Realationship ProjectIn the end, though, I decided to wear white because it wasn’t really important to me to stand out. Everyone knew I was the bride, what did I need to stand for?

Rue de Seine bride | The Realationship ProjectI wish I’d had a little more time for photos before the ceremony. It felt a little rushed, and that was with me already pushing up the getting ready timeline. Once everyone was done with hair and make-up, we had about 5-10 minutes for some shots in our getting ready outfits (the ones above on the couch), and then I had to change into my dress.

I wish I’d had time for a quiet moment with my parents other than in front of the photographers. I also wish I’d gotten some photos with my aunt and mother-in-law who were in the room with us all day while we were getting ready.

So, my advice, it’s never too early to start getting ready!Bridal Flowers | The Realationship ProjectMy flowers were more magical than I could have imagined.Mother Daughter | The Realationship ProjectHow stunning is my mom in her dress??!!

Mother Bride | The Realationship ProjectI am so relieved that our photos are so amazing because we found our photographer only days before the wedding. This is the major problem that I mentioned at the start of this post.

Basically, our photographer, who lives in Orange County, didn’t make it. She said she didn’t make it for medical reasons and had actually been on her way to Bali at the time.

Of course we were concerned about her health and empathized with what she was going through, but w also felt very frustrated and stressed not only to scramble to find a photographer, but also because she didn’t offer us an apology or any empathy for how her situation was impacting us. It was very disappointing because we felt we had a really good relationship with her.

Father Bride | The Realationship ProjectIt was so important to me to have the style of photos that I envisioned that we hired a local (to Southern California) who could take our engagement photos and get to know us (and vice versa) before the wedding day. Parents and Bride | The Realationship ProjectUnfortunately, we had some warning signs that our photographer was flaky, and yet we continued to give her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps we should have trusted out gut and gone with another photographer, but it’s so easy to say this in hindsight.

Parents and Bride | The Realationship ProjectFortunately, I found our amazing photographer, and it all worked out. Super stressful, though. I got so little sleep days before the wedding and caught a cold. I was just so exhausted and my body was already jetlagged. It couldn’t handle the stress and broke down. Not ideal.Groomsmen and Groom | The Realationship ProjectFortunately, I got really good sleep the two nights before the wedding and felt really good on the wedding day. Whew!Groom | The Realationship ProjectLogan and I easily agreed on having a small wedding party, which made sense given that we had a small wedding. Even though I have some very close friends (friends whose weddings I was a bridesmaid/maid of honor in), I decided to have only family in my wedding. Groomsmen and Groom | The Realationship ProjectLogan’s groomsmen were all college friends. Two were fraternity brothers and the other he met while studying abroad in Hong Kong (which is where we honeymooned).That’s it for Part I of my recap! Part II is going to be the ceremony, and then Part III will be reception and party. Still lots more to come, so stay tuned if you can’t get enough of gorgeous, tropical Bali!

My dress: Rue de Seine “Sia”

My mom’s dress: Lulus

My cousin’s dress: Asos (exact no longer available)

Logan’s suit: Topman (vest no longer available)

Planner: Hitch’d Bali

Flowers: Sandat Floral

Bar and dinner tables: Bali Event Hire

Photographer: Suta Rahady

Videographer: Venema Pictures

Venue: Villa Infinity



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