Our Bali Wedding Part II

by Darcie
Bali Wedding | The Realationship Project

Hi! How are you doing?

I’m writing this in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, and it’s making me feel all sorts of gratitude that Logan and I were able to get married last fall. So many people have been forced to postpone their weddings, Logan’s cousin, who was supposed to get married in early May, included.

I’ve watched our wedding video a couple of times since this all started and relived the whole day. I’m so happy that we have not just photos from our special day but also video (shared in Part I). It takes me back to that day and brings me so much joy now, which is so welcomed in the midst of everything going on.

It’s been a lot of deal with for everyone globally, and I think it’s really important that we carve out time for joy and gratitude. Especially living in San Diego, I know I have a lot of privilege, and I’m grateful that I haven’t been as affected as many others.

One positive to this whole thing is that I have a bit more time on my hands to tackle Part II of our Bali wedding. This post is all about the ceremony. Hope you enjoy, and that this puts a smile on your face during this difficult and uncertain time.

Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectWe chose to have the ceremony under the bale since it was already at the venue. It was the perfect spot as it added a nice structural focus.Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectI love this moment between Logan and his mom! And her dress suited her perfectly!Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectBali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectLogan’s sister was a stunner!Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectMy cousin looked perfect!Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectAnd my mother, a goddess!Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectI feel so blessed (truly!) to have my dad walk me down the aisle. I have several friends and my cousin whose dads have passed away, so I counted myself extremely fortunate to have been able to share this moment and tradition with him. It was not lost on me.As we walked down the aisle, he told me that today wasn’t a sad day, but a really happy one because he felt confident that I was marrying the right man. I love you, Dad!Logan’s expression was everything! I was trying to listen to my dad as we walked, but I also wanted to lock eyes with Logan. He was so emotional in the best way.Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectHis smile and dimple! 🙂Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectI love their relationship! These guys are so close, and I’m so grateful for that!!Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectBali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectPolling the audience if I should cut my vows short because of the Bali heat haha.Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectBali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectBali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectBali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectBali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectThe gold confetti cannons were such a good call. We almost didn’t have them, but I’m so glad that we did. They were so fun!Bali Wedding | The Realationship ProjectIf you made it to the end, wow, thank you! I hope you enjoyed a peek into our ceremony.

The next post will be family, bridal party, and group photos and the final wedding post will be dinner and dancing! Hopefully I’ll post those before the end of the quarantine haha. Stay tuned!

PS: If you are curious about any of the vendors, check out Part I, and email me with any additional questions! I’d be happy to answer. 🙂


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