5 Restaurants to Try in Canggu, Bali

by Darcie
breakfast at motion cafe

Earlier this month, my mom and I were in Bali to meet with the wedding planner for Logan’s and my October wedding. We made a point to check out restaurants in the area so that we have some recommendations for our wedding guests.

My mom and I both love to eat so we were not upset about this goal for the trip! We had the best time exploring food in the area. We both eat pretty healthy so we were excited to find many great options. My mom also follows a gluten-free diet, and I typically do as well (I avoid processed grains because they tend not to agree with my stomach).

The abundance of choices for healthy, Western food is one of the reasons why I love Bali so much. 

There’s also wifi at each of these places!

Let’s get into it! Here are five restaurants to try in Canggu, Bali, personally tested by us earlier this month!

Motion Cafe

We had brunch here on our first day in Bali. My mom drove us over on a scooter – her first time driving with a passenger (me!) on the back, and we make it in one piece! Success! If you’ve ever been to Bali, you know how intimidating driving there can be.

We got two meals and shared them. I also got a latte. The food was amazing, and the coffee was good. I asked them to put vanilla into the latte, and while that’s common in the U.S., not so much in Bali. It tasted like a regular latte to me, which was okay, and still very good coffee.

coffee at motion cafeThe food was the main reason I chose this restaurant, and it didn’t disappoint. They have so many gluten-free options, as well as vegan ones.

I got the Avocado Eggs No. 2 with gluten-free bread, and my mom got the plant-based protein waffles with half ricotta and half peanut butter on top, along with mixed berries. We loved them both! It was a lot of food as you can see. We took most of the waffle with us, but sadly it didn’t keep very well.

eggs at motion cafewaffles at motion cafe Motion Cafe is also environmentally conscious – they use glass straws, reusable napkins, and recycled drinking bottles and glasses. And you don’t have to pay for water (not always the case at restaurants in Bali)!

There were several people working from their laptops – it’s a good space for digital nomads to post up.

Located right on Batu Bolong – THE street in Canggu that leads right to the beach!

The Shady Shack

This place is really cute! It’s mostly outdoor seating, but a lot of it is covered in case it rains (which it did while we were there).

My mom got a red velvet chai latte – it’s red because it’s made with beetroot. She enjoyed it for something new to try, but wouldn’t necessarily order it again, maybe because we prefer dairy milk in our lattes and this one had almond milk. 🙂

latte at the shady shackWe shared a veggie omelet that was SO good. The bread tempted me enough that I ate it and had no stomach issues after – rare for me since I stopped eating processed grains.

omeletIt’s located on a street that runs parallel to Batu Bolong – still super convenient.


This place came recommended to us by our accommodation agent (helps with lodging for our wedding guests), and we loved it. It’s on the pricier side – the Bali equivalent of a nice restaurant. Perfect for date night!

The portion sizes are on the smaller side, which I think is actually preferable to avoid the problem of overeating that we so often encounter in the US.

We had the pork belly and cauliflower. Both were very good, but I thought the cauliflower was excellent. Just a heads up – you do have to pay for water here.

pork belly and cauliflower at masonIt’s located in the middle of Batu Bolong.

The Lawn

This is the place to be for happy hour and dinner on Friday nights. Make sure to get here in time sunset. We went on a Saturday night, and it was busy too. There was a live band, playing covers for many well-known, current tunes! Super fun.

It’s such a cute set-up. There’s a pool with a swim-up bar right on the beach! Bali is known for it’s beach clubs, and they are so fun. There are also spots to sit on the ground – kick off your sandals and get comfy!

Plenty of tables there too, if you’re more of a traditional dining person. 🙂

We just had cocktails and an appetizer here. The sweet potato fries were delicious – recommend!

drinks at the lawnThe ambiance really cannot be beat. 

Located at the end of Batu Bolong!

La Brisa

This place has all the tropical beach vibes. Another beach club that’s right on the water. The pool is set a little back from the beach which makes room for quite a few tables for sunset-seekers. We LOVED the chickpea salad. Even if you’re a meat eater, which we both are, we found this salad to be super satisfying. The cocktails were delicious too!

Located at Echo Beach!

chickpea salad la brisacocktails la brisaAnd that’s a wrap for restaurants in Canggu! If you’re heading to Bali, add them to your list and then let me know what you think!

Coming soon: restaurants in Ubud, Bali!


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