4 Restaurants to Try in Ubud, Bali

by Darcie
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During my trip to Bali with my mom last month, we spent a few days in Ubud where I lived 4 years ago. It was so fun being back!

I was able to get together with Mark, the owner of the Onion Collective, which is where I lived. It’s so cool to meet up with old friends and see how his homestay and restaurant have evolved. They have a really awesome co-working space now, and I love how inviting it is for travelers and ex-pats.

In my post on restaurants in Canggu, Bali, I shared that my mom and I love to eat and ate our way through the town. We did the same in Ubud except I was able to take my mom to several spots that I frequented when I lived there!

If you’re heading to Ubud soon, be sure to bookmark this post for some recs!

Clear Cafe

We got to Ubud and, no joke, headed straight to this spot. I LOVE their menu. It’s got so many options that it can actually be overwhelming.

My mom and I decided to split the buckwheat pancakes with banana and chocolate chips! They are gluten-free and so delicious. We actually came back here for them on our last day but they were sold out! What!

I got a mint latte. It was okay, but I’m just a vanilla latte kind of girl. My mom got the electro berry elixir which was super yummy! Highly recommend.

pancakes at clear cafecoffee and elixir at clear cafeWhen I lived here years ago, I came here quite frequently and never had a bad meal. Have to say though, the second time we came, we got the sweet potatoes fries and they weren’t that great. Honestly, wouldn’t recommend them.

This spot is conveniently located on Hanoman which one of the main streets in central Ubud. And you take your shoes off at the front door – love this!

The Onion Collective

Does this name sound familiar? It’s the restaurant at the homestay I lived at for three months back in 2015! They have completely redone their menu, and from what we tried, it’s amazing!

I didn’t take any pictures because I was busy catching up with Mark. Sorry about that! But take my word, this place is good! The style of food is Asian fusion, and there’s so much flavor in every dish. I love it.

There are lots of vegan and vegetarian options too! It’s the perfect spot for any diet/lifestyle.

We got Gado Gado which is a dish with peanut sauce and TONS of veggies. We also got the jackfruit rendang with bean crackers. If you’ve never had jackfruit, you HAVE to try it. It’s used as a meat substitute, and it’s soooo incredible. It was my mom’s first time having it, and she was like, “I have to figure out a way to make this at home!!” It was that good. And the bean crackers definitely satisfy that salty chip craving!!

It’s located just down Hanoman, about a 15 minute walk from the VERY center of Ubud (still in central Ubud).

Taco Casa

This place was at the top of my list to take my mom. I ate here so many times when I lived in Ubud.

Being from San Diego, I LOVE Mexican food. It can be so hard to find decent Mexican food abroad, especially in Asia, but this place does not disappoint. No, it’s not quite an authentic Mexican restaurant like we have in San Diego, but it’s about as close as you can get.

I failed to take any pictures. We were so hungry and dove right in. We got the naked  burrito bowl with chicken and shared it. We aren’t huge rice eaters so they added more guacamole instead of rice. Amazing, right? That would never happen in San Diego.

Their margaritas are also worth trying, and for a non-alcohol drink, try the lemon ginger soda. Yum!

This place is located just around the corner from the Onion on Hanoman!


This restaurant is another spot I frequented when I lived here. My mom and I didn’t have time to get here for a full meal, but we did stop by for an afternoon pick-me-up!

I got an Americano with steamed milk – so good, some of the best coffee I’ve had in Bali.

My mom got the Immune Enhancer smoothie, and I wanted to drink it all!

This spot is conveniently located on Hanoman.

If Bali is in your travel plans soon, be sure to check these places out, and let me know what you think!


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